MoKaadu offers the following services.
  • Mobile Strategy
The mobile market is a hugely expanding and important market to enter for many businesses.  In both the consumer and enterprise areas it is becoming an increasingly key mechanism for organisations to deliver content and services to customers and users.

But it can be difficult to know where to start with the wide range of options currently available.  MoKaadu's experience of the mobile industry ecosystem and mobile technologies can help you analyse the best way to approach the mobile space for your specific needs.

We can help you analyse who your target users are, phones versus tablets, smartphones versus featurephones, native applications versus mobile web and web/hybrid apps, and which smartphone platforms to target including analysis of market shares, versions, technical capabilities, specialised technologies, and development costs versus functionality.  We can also help you decide which business model is suitable for your needs, whether mobile support for businesses, freemium or paid applications, or alternative ways of monetising apps.

  • Solution Architecture

MoKaadu can create a solution architecture for your product which meets its unique requirements and fits into your ecosystem.

MoKaadu's extensive experience of working with complex software solutions, both embedded and application software, and connected apps which interface to multiple services and platforms, can help build the optimum architecture for your product.

We can also implement integration with existing web and backend services, commercial BaaS or Cloud services or help you to build your own complete solution. 

  • Technical Consultancy

MoKaadu's technical consulting experience and knowledge can help you with technical advice on how to support the platforms your require.  This includes requirements analysis, solution architecture and recommendations on the capabilities of different platforms, as well as advice on how to integrate your product using the recommended design paradigms, and utilising the specialised technologies of the platforms you are building on.


We also offer guidance on the comparative strengths and weaknesses, development timescales, and best practices guidelines for each platform, as well as special factors to consider when developing for mobile to ensure optimised mobile performance.

  • App Design & Development
Complete E2E development services including requirements analysis and feasibility studies to evaluate realistic estimates for product development timescales, application and UI/UX design, in-house development, testing & QA, release, delivery to app stores, and documentation. Or support for the specific areas you require.

MoKaadu's many years experience of hands-on moble development for a range of mobile platforms ensures that the design and development will be optimised for the platforms you require support for.  We can also implement the product across multiple platforms, including porting and refactoring existing solutions, if required, ensuring a fully coordinated mobile solution for your product.

MoKaadu has expert knowledge in programming languages such as Java, Obective-C, C++ and  HTML5, as well as extensive experience of the E2E software development life cycle & tools, including design and modelling, development, integration, debugging, testing and QA, SCM systems, Agile tools, PM tools, release management, and product maintenance.

  • Technical Training

Bespoke technical training can be tailored and delivered in areas of particular interest to clients.  MoKaadu's experience in technical training can be used to create and deliver hands-on software training for developers or technology overviews and workshops for product teams as required.